Arie : c’est moi

Selamat Datang, Welcomme, Bienvenu, ….

I think of my self as the process of Metamorphosis of the journey of life I ever been. I was born and accomplished my basic education from Prime School until Senior High School in Lampung, Accomplishing my Degree at Faculty Social and Political Science (FISIP) Diponegoro University (Undip), Central Java. I took my master 1 at Master of Engineering in Urban and Regional Development (MPWK) Undip and my master 2 recherche Ville et Société at Institut d’Urbanisme de Lyon (IUL). I got opportunity to take Phd at faculty of Histoire, géographie, aménagement, urbanisme, archéologie, sciences politiques, sociologie, anthropologie, Université Lumière (Lyon 2) and I worked in laboratory of RIVES at Ecole Nationale Des Travaux Publics de l’Etat (ENTPE).

Working at Lampung Province, Indonesia, gives me many chances to explore the horizon, finding something  new that I could learn to colour up my life because  I dont want  to loose my hobby. I fond of searching of new challenge which is arising  new inovation. I dont like to be bound of a system. And base on my view, education is the key to reach success  inspite of the way to do a good kidness. So, for those who want to brows and share the idea in this blog..with pleasure I will invite you, of course without grumbling or humiliating … Goûtez La Vie…


4 thoughts on “Arie : c’est moi

    • Hallo kabar baik… masih tetep jadi orang Lampung. Smoga dengan smakin banyak bloq, smakin banyak info-info yang mudah di dapat …


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